Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sewing Update

Well, the skirt is cut out, but I had more pressing matters to work on first (as in VBS deadline and a pair of pants that fit my belly).
I did manage to remake my jeans that were on the way to the thrift shop.
I started following a tutorial I found online, but quickly deviated to my own idea. I really like having jeans that fit my ever growing tummy and yet still feel like "my jeans."

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So, these are the finished products. They are really low, which I like because then I have no crazy high rise pant waist covering my belly. They also do not fall or slide.
Now, after I finish my skirt, I might take a look at a few of my pairs of capris. Maybe I can remake them into maternity pants . . .

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Beth said...

wow! how'd you do that? That's awesome, Erin.