Tuesday, March 23, 2010

House Arrest

Well, it appears that I am on house arrest until Thursday.

Not a good sign when I am only 16 weeks along!

My blood pressure was 144/102 at the doctor's office yesterday. (YIKES!) The good news is that it went down right away (within ten minutes of laying on my left side it was down to 133/84). The bad news is that this is the second time that my blood pressure has skyrocketed at the doctor's office (last time it was 180/80, but then went down right away to 132/74).

I have been monitoring my blood pressure at home regularly, and while I do have periodic high spikes (around 150/90), most of the time it is within the normal range that they want.

So, until Thursday at 11:00 I am on "limited bed rest" (which feels more like house arrest to me). We will see what my doctor says then.

In the meantime, I am trying to look on the positive side and do all of the things I can do while laying down. (Who knew a person can fold laundry while laying on her left side?!?!)

To help me stay on the bright side of things, here are my goals for the next few days:
Hopefully I can get caught up with our church's Bible reading plan!
I can finish the book I started a week ago!
I can organize my recipes! (Something I have been meaning to do in the last three months!)

Those are my lofty goals. We will see if I can accomplish them!


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Beth said...

AND you can blog!!! I'm sorry that this is happening. I hope your blood pressure will be under control and there won't be any issues w the rest of the pregnancy! I'm praying for you.