Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finally Home!

As you can read below, we had a great time in Quincy. It was a bit stressful at times, but it was really a lot of fun. I missed Nat terribly, though, and wondered if he thought of me while we were apart.
Come to find out, he did!
When we got home, the first thing I noticed was the immaculate house. Then, as I walked upstairs, I noticed this.

I had already put up the vinyl lettering, "All because two people fell in love," but I couldn't figure out what pictures to hang up on the wall.
Well, Nat chose the pictures, bought the beautiful frames, and hung them up.
Yes, I cried when I saw them.
And then, I thanked God for the wonderful family He gave to me.
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Play Ball, Part 2

Andrew wanted to play ball too, but didn't quite get it.
"Andrew, hold the bat on your shoulder."

"Well, almost. Let Grandpa help."

"There ya go, buddy!"
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Play Ball, Part One

The weather was great in Quincy. We really had fun playing outside. Grandma Donna still loves to play softball, and she can still pitch!
Go, Grandma!

Jack was so intense. He really enjoyed the practice, and hit almost every pitch that came to him, even while wearing his eyepatch.

Fun at Grandma's House!

The boys and I spent a week in Quincy. We had so much fun!

The boys enjoyed watching the squirrels in Gradma and Grandpa's backyard.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

And the name is . . .

Lucille VicBetsia !

(I came up with that one at 3:00 am, while I was sitting up with a feverish little boy. Can ya tell!?!?!?)

I think I will call her "Lucy" for short, becase I love watching old "I Love Lucy" reruns; she somehow makes my life seem almost sane!

And the "VicBetsia" is a combination of "Victoria" since she is a Viking, and "Betsie" for Betsie Ross. Oh, and as I told my sister, I often holler out "Whoa, Bessie" while I sew, and cook, and clean, because I get in too big of a hurry.

Yep, that is her name, and I like it. (Aren't ya all glad I had boys instead of girls? Who knows what kind of names I would have picked out for a girl baby!)

Thank you so much for all your great suggestions, and Amy, I will still call her "Gertie" once in a while in honor of you!

I haven't been able to play with her as much as I would have liked, but I have worked on a few small projects. Oh, and I got some marvelous moda "Posh" charm packs for my birthday. So I am going to make a new purse for Easter, after I help make my three niece's Easter dresses!


Saturday, March 07, 2009

A New Arrival at the Kealen Household!!!!!

I am proud to announce a new arrival at the Kealen home. She arrived at our home this morning at 10:47 a.m., weighing approximately 5 pounds. She is white with an emerald guide, and as fun as can be!

So far, she is quiet and smooth, so that is an added plus!

Pics of her in her new home to come soon, but for now, here is her online picture.

Isn't she cute?!?!?!?!

My only problem is that I can't think of a good name for her. So, I am taking suggestions from my friends. I want a fun, girly name for my new little friend.

I will take ideas until Thursday, and I will post her new name next weekend.

Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

VBS, Machine Shopping, and other boring details . . .

Well, I see I let almost a month go by with no post, and no pictures.

Here is a list of the Kealen Kalamities from the past three weeks.

We are down to one car. Yes, let's all take a moment of silence for my little green car, ELN. She was a great little car, but in the last year she began to go downhill. First we noticed the little coughs when she started. Then we noticed the knocking and the tinking. Still, she started even on the coldest morning when I had to take Jackman to school. But then, the strangeshifting of driving speed began, and we realized that her situation was most likely terminal. Because of her advanced age (seventeen human years equals about a million in car years), we realized that the cost of replacing a transmission would not be worth our investment.

So, little miss ELN went to a teen in our church, who has the time and effort to try to learn how to fix her. Nick has promised to take good care of her in her final golden years. I just hope he appreciates what a precious gem he has in my first car.

I REALLY miss her!


As to other things, my sewing machine is giving me fits, again! I really almost threw it out in the street yesterday. (Notice the aversion to the machine and the love for the little car!?!?!?! Are my priorities mixed up here?!?!?!?) But, unlike ELN, I never developed a strong attchment to my machine. But, I'm a thinkiing that could all change if this little beauty comes into my possession!

or, maybe this one?!?!?!

As you can see, I am undecided on a machine right now. I have almost $500 saved up, and I want the best machine for the money.

In other news, I am trying to wrap up the 2010 VBS for RBP. Trying to put parables to a 2s and 3s level has been challenging indeed! But, they are coming along, and I am pleased with all the activities that go along with the lessons.

So, that is my life right now! Oh, and the boys and Husband are still alive and well.