Monday, November 12, 2007

Lots to be thankful for

Well, it has been a busy month, but God has been soooooo good to us! Here are a few of our highlights:
1. I completed all of my freelance work on schedule;
2. We have a contract on our house and plan to close a week from today;
3. We are growing closer to our church family and to our youth group;
4. The boys are doing well and adjusting to our new home and surroundings;
5. Our newly remodeled parsonage is starting to feel like home.

While I feel that this list is just a smidgen of all I have to be thankful for, I am truly grateful for God's loving care for us. He has provided a buyer who wanted to close in just three weeks. That in and of itself is a wonderful praise.

Please pray for us as we prepare to close on the house. We have to make a trip up to Chicago to take care of some closing fees before we can leave the village of Streamwood (crazy, I know). Then we have to set a time for the closing. We appreciate prayers that all goes well with the sale of our home!