Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Fender-Bender and an ER trip means wii are tired!

Well, February has been fun! Here are my top fives for February:

1. Nat got a Wii for his birthday! (I must say, at least this video game system really is designed for the whole family. It is a blast!

2. Andrew got his first "little boy" haircut. He officially looks like a toddler instead of a baby now!

3. My best friend is pregnant with her little miracle baby! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!

4. We had our first family "snow day" a couple of weeks ago. The boys were thrilled!

5. My second Christmas play is being published, and my first Christmas play is being reprinted! :-)

Not too bad for the month of February!

We have had a few challenges this month, at least in the last week.

1. I received my first jury summons for Maywood Court in Maywood Illinois, on Thursday, February 22.

2. I was in my first solo fender bender on February 23. I was rear-ended, but no one was injured, and so far her insurance company has been working with us.

3. Today we ended the month with a smashed finger. Poor Jack smashed his finger in the car door. And I found out that Jack doesn't do well with the sight of blood! Poor guy; daddy was on his way home from work, and after he saw it, we both agreed that we would rather err on the side of caution. Two hours, 3 xrays, a doctor, and two nurses later, we found out it is not broken. :-) Even though I feel like a paranoid mommy, I am glad I took him for my own well-being.

So, that was our month!