Friday, April 06, 2012

Oh, Dear!

Has it really been over eight months since I have posted anything?!?!?
I guess that goes to show you how many people check out my site. :-)

Don't really know what to say; a lot has happened in eight months. Good, good things.

My husband is still my very best friend, and he is still as handsome as ever.

The boys are all doing well; I will try to give a synopsis of them soon.

I am . . . blessed. God has been teaching me so much lately; may I be a faithful student and apply these lessons to my life!

I am also on a journey to be healthier. I have dropped twenty pounds since October, but this last month I have slacked off a bit.

Hmmm . . . maybe this blog needs to take on a new role, one that may keep me more accountable to my goals?!?!?!?

Nat and I have been bombarded with business, so our goal toward minimalism has sadly slowed down some too. We have been doing well with keeping up on the rooms we have done, but we still have much more than we need!

I am in the process of prioritizing my time and my efforts right now, which is one reason this blog has been sadly neglected. I just need to think through the purpose of keeping a blog. And if I find that it is not a profitable and valuable use of my time, I will sign off permanently.

So for now, this is my life this moment.

And it is good, because my God is good.