Friday, October 06, 2006

Wow! Two posts in one week!

I must be on a roll!
Actually, this will have to be quick. My two little ones are learning to "play" together. ("Play" translates to "big brother gives baby brother about 5 seconds to play with his toy; big brother proceeds to steal the toy from baby brother; baby brother proceeds to scream.) Yes, in the short time it took to type the translation, I had to get up and quickly remedy the situation.

Such is life with children . . .

Speaking of children, my oldest taught me an important lesson today. After dinner (frozen pizza, juice box, and leftover green beans, all served on paper plates), Jack looked up at me and asked, "Mom, do you keep your promises?"

After getting over the shock of having an almost-four-year old ask that question, I answered, "Well, I try to keep my promises."
Jack responded, "Mom, you should always keep your promises."

I picked him up and held him close for a minute before I responded. "That's right buddy. And you know what, I know someone who ALWAYS keeps His promises."

"Who is that, mommy?"

"God always keeps His promises to us, little one. Always."

What a blessing to be able to rest in the arms of a loving Father Who always keeps His promises to His children. He will never leave us or forsake us. He will always be with us. Nothing can ever separate us from His love. He works all things out for good for those who love Him and are called to His purpose.

Thanks, Jack, for reminding Mommy of these important truths today. I love you, little one.

Monday, October 02, 2006

It's been awhile Part 2

Is it legal to post two blogs with that title, even though they are both fitting?

Well, life in the Kealen household is intersting to say the least. Two boys are in bed, and the other needs to go to bed soon. All three of them have been crabby and testy today. (And, for those of you who actually visit this site, one of the aforementioned "boys" is Darling Husband. I will add no further comments to that statement.)

On to other news . . . .
I got a "promotion" last week. I say that with a faint sense of chagrin, because I got a new title, more responsibiity, but no raise so far. To be honest, I am glad that everyone thinks I can handle everything, but I am beginning to doubt myself. See, I don't need any more stress in my life. (If you have any doubt to that statement, it might help to know that the lovingly nicknamed "crabby and testy boys" are really stretching me right now. Can I handle working 30 hours a week (some at home, mind you) and being a wife and a mom?

On the plus side, my "promotion" gives me opportunity to write. And I get to be in God's Word every day and get paid for it! And I get to minister to teens through my writing. I love that part of what I do. I just don't like the politics (can't use certain pictures b/c the guy's hair is long).

So where does that leave me on this rainy Chicago evening? Waiting (albeit impatiently) for God to show me and DH what it is that He has next for us. Hoping that I have enough strength, faith, and wisdom to wait for the Almighty to reveal those plans. And, yes, wishing that the last "crabby and testy boy" will soon be ready for bed. :-)

In the meantime, I continue to rest and wait for my future of hope.