Sunday, June 27, 2010

Soaking in Life

The last three weeks have been crazy for us. Trying to cram outpatient surgery, VBS, and a national conference into a twenty-three day span has left my family a little groggy.
While my list of household duties and "before baby" projects seems never ending, God keeps gently reminding me that I need to soak in life with my two precious little boys. Their lives will change - for the better - in ten short weeks, and I want to love on them and enjoy the remaining time that I have to devote completely to them.

In my last pregnancy, I couldn't wait for it to be over. While I know there will be days ahead when I am ready to be done, I hope to soak in every moment with the two little boys who are growing up so quickly. And, I cherish each little movement of my youngest who is nestled under and in my heart.

As God continues to prepare our family to welcome this new little life, I am begging Him to give me the strength and endurance to be a faithful wife, selflessly meet the needs of a newborn, and to also serve Jack and Andrew. I know that as I rely on Him He will give me the strength to handle these challenges. I hope I can do so with a joyous heart and a humble spirit.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Update

Baby Kealen at 28 weeks.
Wow! I can't believe I actually posted this picture! At today's visit, Baby Kealen weighed just an ounce shy of 3 pounds and is measuring exactly ten days ahead of schedule!
It was sooo much fun to get a peek at this little guy. He was stretching and sucking his thumb. It was a lot of fun to see him again, and aside from hearing that he seems to be doing well, my favorite news was that he has hair!!!!!!!!!

In other news, the other two Kealen boys in my home are enjoying summer. Today was the first day of VBS, and I love, love, love hearing the first three words of the theme song floating throuhgout my home. My only hope is they soon pick up the rest of the song! :-)
Jack is recovering very well from his eye surgery. Praise the Lord, the initial post-op visit showed that the surgery on his left eye was successful. We praise the Lord for His goodness and protection in bringing Jack safely through his surgery.

Now my main goal for the rest of the summer is to stay out of the hospital until this little guy makes his appearance, Lord willing not before the very end of August!
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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Summer Has Begun!

Jack is home from school, and both boys need to adjust to a new summer schedule. While I am aware of our June craziness, it is very important for me to maintain some semblance of order in our home. Here are my summer goals for the boys.
Two (maybe three?) library reading programs
School review for Jack and preschool prep for Andrew
A daily chore plan
Lots and lots of fun in the sun - and water!
On the baby front, I am 27 weeks along! The time seems to have gone by so quickly, but then I flip through the calendar, thinking how far away September 2 is. My goal for the summer is to relish every moment with my growing belly. Lord willing, this will be the last pregnancy for us, and I want to make soak up every moment of having this little one nestled under my heart.
At yesterday's appointment, my blood pressure was a healthy 122/60. Praise the Lord for keeping blood pressure issues at bay! I had to drink the crazy glucose juice for my gestational diabetes test, and I will hopefully hear the results today.
I am already measuring almost two weeks ahead of schedule, so my doctor wants to see me every two weeks from now on to monitor baby boy's growth.
And, sadly, we are still referring to him as baby boy. I have a feeling it is going to take us awhile to decide on a name for this little man. Both Andrew and Jack have strong Biblical names, and each has a family name as well. I kind of want to carry on the same pattern for this little guy, but so far nothing is clicking. Oh, well, we have a few more weeks to decide!
So, that is our life right now! It is full, but sooooo much fun!