Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Typical Evening

This is the view from my dining room table. Certainly not the most romantic date night ever, but I am so incredibly proud of my college guy.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Where to begin . . .

I have so many thoughts in my heart and head, and once again I have the writer's bug. The problem? No work at the moment. There are hopes of a fall project for Awana, but I have no contract yet. And, we are reusing a Christmas program from the past this year at church, so my mind is not swirling with a Christmas-themed, family friendly plot.

The past month I have been out of sorts, as if something was off. But yesterday, as I was out for my morning wog (my personal attempt at a jog/walk), I had the following conversation with God. Out loud(yes, I do realize my neighbors think I'm weird).

"Am I missing something in my life? Do I need to confess something?! Lord, I wish I could just sit down and write my heart out ..."

Annnd . .. that is when I finally got it.

I don't need a contract or a deadline to write! I don't need to be given a word count or a topic in order to pour out my thoughts. I don't have to rely on the incentive of a paycheck to formulate my thoughts into complete sentences (but don't get me wrong; remuneration is a a definite perk of the freelancing market!).

I can write for fun. For ME!

So, folks, I am hoping that you will be reading a whole lot more from me in the next few days and months.

It is good to be back! :-)