Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Ever-Growing List

Preparing for baby needs to get kicked into high gear around here! A friend of mine asked me yesterday what I still needed to do before this baby gets here. I responded.

A lot, but I have a few more months. She looked at me and smiled. "Actually," she commented, "you have a little under two months!"


Her comment made me realize that I have a lot to do in the next seven weeks. So, here goes the beginning of my ever-growing list.

1. Set up the crib.
2. Wash the baby bedding.
3. Wash all the tiny, adorable baby boy clothes. (Thanks, Jennifer, for dressing my baby for his first few months of life!)
4. Packing my hospital bag.
5. Getting a new pediatrician! (Our practice will no longer have a pediatrician on staff!)
6. Register Jack for second grade.
7. Purchase Jack's school supplies.
8. Finish cleaning/organizing the kitchen cabinets (only three more sets of cabinets to go!)
9. Heavy-duty cleaning of the house!
10. Prepping and preparing freezer meals.
11. Finishing my baby sewing.
12. Choosing a name for this baby!
13. Finishing the blanket I am crocheting.

Just looking at this list makes me want to take a nap! I will be one busy mommy in the next seven weeks, and I am already praying that I will not stress too much if some things on my list don't get done.

While I know that I have put off doing some major projects, I have taken time each day in the last few weeks to spend quality time with my two boys. I have had such a fun summer with them, and I would not trade those moments with them for anything!

But now . . . I must get my rear in gear and get busy.

(Oh, and if I find the cord to my camera, I will post some new pics of some of these projects!)

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