Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Things I Want Baby Kealen to Know, Part 1

I was inspired by The Other Mamma's top ten list for her soon-to-be-arriving princess, and I thought it would be fun to let our little guy in on a few noteworthy items that he may want to be prepared for as well. So, here it goes . . .

1. You have two older brothers who can't wait to meet you!
Many times throughout the day there is a little boy hugging and kissing you inside your warm and safe home. And while I am excited that your brothers are so affectionate with you, I cringe at just how "affectionate" they may be once you meet them face to face. Just so you know, little one, we are trying to teach them good baby etiquette, but they are having a hard time with the idea of your needing personal space. So as your momma, I am apologizing now, and I will try to keep their loving on you at a tolerable level.

While we are on the subject of older brothers, I feel I must also warn you about the noise level you will most likely encounter. I know that according to the baby books and articles I have read, you already hear all the noise in our home. But again, I must remind you that what you hear is a muffled precursor. The decimal levels will be much louder outside the womb, I promise you!

To be fair to my first two boys, it isn't so much the volume level at our home as it is the constant chatter. And I do mean constant. You will learn a lot about Legos, Star Wars action figures, marine life, math facts, and Make Believe from your brothers. From the moment the first is up (usually by 6:30) until they both are in bed, there is chatter.

And for the record, I do enjoy it. Most of the time.

So, little buddy, as I think about adding your noise to this crazy place we call home, I can't help but smile. And if your mamma knows anything about you at all, I know that you will soon be able to keep up with both of your big brothers, and I KNOW that you will come to love them as much as your daddy and I do.

As much as I look forward to meeting you in person and getting to know you, I want to encourage you to stay put for a few weeks longer. Your home in my tummy is calm and quiet. Enjoy it while you can, because the moment you enter this world, you will forever be added to the crazy, constant chatter of this Kealen family.

While it may be a little loud, it is full of love. And we can't wait to officially welcome you into the mix.

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Rochelle said...

Aww, what a sweet post! :) Can't wait to meet your new little guy someday! I love how you talk about your family, and I also loved The Other Mama's posts! So fun. Best wishes, lots of love & hugs!!!