Sunday, May 23, 2010

Almost-Midnight Ramblings

I am usually asleep well before 10:30. However a two hour afternoon nap and a very active unborn babe has my mind rambling at this late hour.
This weekend was our "calm before the storm." June looms ahead as our busiest month of the year. In a month of 30 days our family will be busy with the following activities:
Mommy's doctor appointments
Five eye/doctor appointments for Jack
Eye surgery for Jack (scheduled for June 10)
VBS at Germantown Hills Baptist Church (June 14-18)
GARBC National Conference in Schaumburg, Illinois (June 21-25)

I will be using this week to get organized with a cleaning plan and a monthly menu in place for our busy month.

The good news is that by the end of this month I will be within 10 weeks of my due date. So, maybe a busy month will make the days go quickly before I get to meet this precious little guy.

In the meantime, just thinking about our upcoming craziness is working to make me sleepy.

G'night, all!

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Rochelle said...

Thanks for your comment! Indeed, godly, wonderful, Christian friendships are sooo precious!!! :) I'm so thankful for you and for all my great Christian friends!

Wow, you guys sure are busy! We'll be praying for Jack's surgery! Ack, you guys will be up here the week we are away for our 10 yr anniv trip, sad. :( Sorry we'll miss you. Hope the conf goes well though!

That's so great... I'm so happy for you guys and really hope to meet the little guy sooner rather than later. :) Blessings friend!