Monday, May 03, 2010

Action Figures and Cupcakes

I have learned the hard way to watch where I am stepping at our house. Case in point:

And, it looks like we will have lots more action figures to watch out for in our future,

our newest little cupcake is DEFINITELY BLUE!
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Edited to add: These cupcakes are blue, even though they look green in this picture!


Beth said...

cute CUTE CUTE!!! YOU ARE SOOOO CREATIVE!!!! LOVE the news!!! Congrats to you and ALL your boys! God knows you'll be the best mamma these little men need. You are going to be an amazing mother-in-law to some precious ladies in the future too.

Rochelle said...

yayyy!! what a creative way to share the news. :) i like how Beth said it, ditto! i know you might have a slight bittersweet feeling over it not being a girl; but you are such a great mom to little boys God knew you just needed another one. :) blessings to you & Nat!