Thursday, April 29, 2010

Body during Pregnancy Update!

Today marks the twenty-two week milestone for me! Praise to the Almighty that my blood pressure is still within the normal range.

On the baby front, this little one is active. Very active. Waking me up at 3:00 in the morning active. I don't ever remember being awakened this early in either of my two previous pregnancies, but I really am enjoying these early morning chats with my little one!

It is a precious comfort to me to feel the little pokes and jabs. I often find myself wondering, "Is that a foot? a hand? does this baby have the hiccups?!?" During those moments, I take great comfort in Psalm 139 and know that God is continuing to form this little one into the person that God wants him or her to be.

Speaking of him or her, Monday is the big day. I am not yet counting down the hours, but boy am I tempted to start! I am so excited to find out the sex of this baby! Everyone is teasing me that I am hoping for a girl, and I must admit that I am bookmarking a ton of online tutorials for baby girl dresses, tights, and hair bows, just in case.

However, if this precious little early-morning kicker happens to be another boy, I will quickly begin focusing on the cute masculine fabric color choices at JoAnns and my favorite little quilting shop.

And how could I not be thrilled to add another little boy to these two cuties?

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Rochelle said...

aww yay!!! can't wait to find out with you what it'll be, but either way, super excited for you guys!!

Just Beneath The Cascades said...

So it's another boy! Yay..... I'm excited for you all. I was glad to find out I was having a boy. My mom wasn't. She said, "uh, I thought you would break boy streak." She says she doesn't remember saying that, but anyway. Have fun with all your little men.