Friday, April 03, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mary!

There are some people in this world whose very presence make the world a bit cheerier, whose smile warms the coldest of days, and whose sweet spirit makes everyone around them a better person.
When I think of such a person, I think of my big sister, Mary.
And whenever I think of her, I remember how she used to sing to me.
I remember how she used to make me tapes when we lived so far apart.
I remember how much I missed her, and how I would sit by the tape recorder and make her tapes. And when I couldn't think of anything to say, I would pat the tape recorder and say, "I love you, Mary."
I remember going to visit her in her little trailer in Rossville, Georgia.
I remember crying every time I had to say goodbye to her.
I remember her patience as she taught me to sew.
I remember all her godly counsel and Bible verses set to cheery songs, like "Wait on the Lord, and be of good courage!"

And always, always, always, I remember her smile.

And when I remember, I smile and thank the Lord for giving me such a godly example in my life.

I love you, Mary!


Beth said...

ok, YOU are the "wordy" one! :) this is beautiful. I'm sure she's crying!

mom and dad said...

yes i'm crying. that is so sweet erin you are precious and i love you and i thank the Lord for you and i'm so thankful God has blessed you as the "wordy" one! (during this comment, kip, w/ cell phone conversation going on in one ear, says to me, "you need a period after 'you'." i say, "it's a run on sentence!" he rolls his eyes and says "it sure is." he goes on talking, i smile and go on typing. i love you! and i thank you for the sweet words.