Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun with Family

Uncle Bob, Aunt Debbie, and Jennifer stayed with us over Easter weekend. We spent Saturday at camp.

Jennifer brought her camera, and thankfully she got some great photos of the boys. However, until I can get my grubby paws on her amazing work, you will have to settle for my feeble attempts at capturing the moments of the day.

Aunt Debbie is so much fun! After helping me bake all morning, she still had energy to help Andrew with his plane.

I don't think Andrew's plane took flight, but he sure had fun running around with it!

Jack quickly got the hang of his little glider. He was able to get it in the air quite a bit that afternoon.

Ah, another missed opportunity for a good picture of Andrew. As soon as he spotted me lifting the camera, the cute little grin turned into the growl and laughter that soon followed!

Here is Andrew with Uncle Bob. Poor uncle Bob had to sleep in our tiny guest room on our full mattress.
Next time you come, Uncle Bob, I will try to stretch the mattress another 3 or 4 feet! :-)
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