Wednesday, March 04, 2009

VBS, Machine Shopping, and other boring details . . .

Well, I see I let almost a month go by with no post, and no pictures.

Here is a list of the Kealen Kalamities from the past three weeks.

We are down to one car. Yes, let's all take a moment of silence for my little green car, ELN. She was a great little car, but in the last year she began to go downhill. First we noticed the little coughs when she started. Then we noticed the knocking and the tinking. Still, she started even on the coldest morning when I had to take Jackman to school. But then, the strangeshifting of driving speed began, and we realized that her situation was most likely terminal. Because of her advanced age (seventeen human years equals about a million in car years), we realized that the cost of replacing a transmission would not be worth our investment.

So, little miss ELN went to a teen in our church, who has the time and effort to try to learn how to fix her. Nick has promised to take good care of her in her final golden years. I just hope he appreciates what a precious gem he has in my first car.

I REALLY miss her!


As to other things, my sewing machine is giving me fits, again! I really almost threw it out in the street yesterday. (Notice the aversion to the machine and the love for the little car!?!?!?! Are my priorities mixed up here?!?!?!?) But, unlike ELN, I never developed a strong attchment to my machine. But, I'm a thinkiing that could all change if this little beauty comes into my possession!

or, maybe this one?!?!?!

As you can see, I am undecided on a machine right now. I have almost $500 saved up, and I want the best machine for the money.

In other news, I am trying to wrap up the 2010 VBS for RBP. Trying to put parables to a 2s and 3s level has been challenging indeed! But, they are coming along, and I am pleased with all the activities that go along with the lessons.

So, that is my life right now! Oh, and the boys and Husband are still alive and well.

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Rochelle said...

Ohhhhh, sad, little ELN is missed indeed. She sure lasted you a great long time!!

Both of those machines look nifty. Hope you find the right one for the right price!

Glad to hear the '10 VBS stuff is wrapping up. Sounds interesting indeed.

Glad all is well. Thanks for posting an update. :) I've missed you.