Monday, June 12, 2006

Chris is gone

Chris Kealen passed away this morning, just after 7 a.m.

What can I say to this?
What do I say to Kent, who has lost his companion, his wife, his lover, his rock?
What can I say to Rachel, who will bury her mother on Friday and marry Brock on Saturday?
What do I say to Adam and Elizabeth, still new to marraige, yet facing the struggle of losing a mother and a mother-in-law?

God above, Father of all comfort, be Yourself and all that You are to Kent, Adam, Rachel, Elizabeth, and Brock. Tonight, let them experience You . . . nothing more, nothing less. Wrap Your heavenly comfort around their souls. Touch them in a real way. Reveal Yourself to them at this time when they are most vulnerable to see You. And, God, help them to recognize that Your love and plans for them go far beyond this mortal world. Give them heavenly vision to see that there is so much more in store.

As for the rest of us who were touched by this very special woman, grant us the wisdom, love, and patience to fight as she fought, and to win the battles that we face. For, dear Father, though some might say that Chris lost this battle, she really didn't. She won the battle, dear Lord. And now, she is able to stand in victory over her pain, over her suffering. She is complete in You, just as You created her to be. She has finally won.

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