Monday, August 02, 2010

Random Things, Part 3

3. Our House is beginning to look like a baby will live here soon!

The crib is all set up.
The teeny tiny clothes are washed and folded. (Thanks, Aunt Lisa and Grandma Donna!)
The Pack N Play is ready to be set up downstairs.
The cloth diapers are all sorted out in their sizes and stacks.
The car seat is ready to be installed in the van.
Mommy's bag is almost packed.
I finished sewing your receiving blankets yesterday, and I am trying to finish your burp cloths, quilt, and crocheted blanket.
So, what is still left to do? Well, first and foremost we probably need to get serious and decide on a name for you!
Here are some of the names Mommy and Daddy have been thinking about:
Luke (Daddy doesn't like this one at all, but it is still one of my favorites, so I had to include it on this list!)
Andrew still would like to name you Zacheus, but we assured him that you will not always be a "wee little man in mommy's tummy" and that you may need a different name.
Jack likes the names Isaac, Eli, Joshua, and Caleb.
Rest assured that by the time we get ready to take you home, we WILL have a name picked out for you!
As we get the final things in the house ready for your arrival, my mind is often pondering you.
What will you look like?
How will you act?
How big will you be?
When will you decide to come? (BTW: give me at least another week and a half, okay, buddy?)
As I think about all these things, I can't help but imagine in my mind a perfect little round face with a splotch of dark hair, and a tiny fist curled up to your perfect little cheek.
But you know what, little guy? If you end up being completely different from that mental image, it's okay. We will love you, no matter what.
So as I continue to ponder these little questions and finish the last-minute items on our list, I will be waiting for the moment that I can hold you close and whisper in your little ear,
"Momma loves you!"


Beth said...

I say Isaac is a perfect name! :) Jack could call him Zack!

mom and dad said...

i agree. and erin, even though i rarely comment, your shared thoughts usually bring a tear to my eye and smile to my heart which always springs to my face. i love you. the problem is always timing, like right now i am s'pose to be paying bills.