Friday, October 05, 2007

Imagine a Cool Title Here

Well, it is almost 5:30 (yes, a.m.), and I have told myself that I have to begin my freelance work by 5:30 this morning. So, I have less that 2 minutes to record a Jack moment.

"Mom, can I have some gum? My talk smells bad."
I'm telling ya, I never know what is going to come out of his mouth sometimes!


Beth and Jason said...

That's hilarious! I always think I need to write these things down and then time gets away from me. Good job recording the moment! :)

akr said...

holy know how long it's been that I have tried to find out how you are doing! It's so great to hear from you!! Every time I see one of your published works from RBP I get all excited and say..."that's my friend Erin from college!"

akr said...

I know...I am so excited! I will e-mail you a summary! It's so great to catch up!