Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Well, for anyone who might actually read this blog, I must say that my God has once again amazed me with His loving faithfulness in my life. While I cannot yet share details, I can only tell you that God is at work in the lives of my family, and for that I am so grateful. His mercy and love are new every morning, and He truly meets our every need.

So, my Father, Thank You for once again blessing us in spite of our limitations, for using us through our weaknesses, for allowing us to serve You with some of the best teens in this country.

Thank You, Father, for Your unfolding story in the lives of our sons. As Nat and I patiently try to answer all of Jack's questions about You, I am once again awed by Your love. Give us Your heavenly wisdom as we seek to answer all of Jack's questions about You.

And, Father, forgive me for my doubts. Forgive me for the questions that threaten to blot out my trust. Help Nat and I to follow as You lead.

We truly are grateful, Father, for yet another glimpse of Your work in our lives.

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