Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Theological moments of today

Jack has been asking so many questions about God, Jesus, Heaven, and the cross. It is neat to hear him talking about Jesus and God. He is really absorbing a lot right now, and it is such a blessing to be able to see his little mind thinking through this. Here are the latest questions.

“Mom, when its Jesus’ birthday, can I make Him a cake?”

“Mom, when is Jesus coming back here instead of Heaven?”

“Mom, is God Jesus’ daddy?”

“Does Jesus ever get a spanking?”

"Mom, who gets to go to Heaven?"

From my perspective, I feel like I am watching a spiritual journey to life. These little thoughts that seem so small are little seeds that are taking root in my son's heart. I pray that God gives me wisdom to water these little seeds so that they will blossom into true, saving faith that will continue to grow strong.

I am praying every day that Jack and Andrew come to know Christ at an early age, and I thank God for every precious moment that I have to tell my sons about my Jesus.

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