Saturday, January 27, 2007

A little bit of our lives right now


Nat is having a hard time with his health right now. He has a lot of pressure, similar to heartburn but without the burning. He has it all day, no matter what. The doctor put him on Nexium, ($150 for two weeks; ouch!), but it doesn't seem to be helping a lot.

I personally think a lot of it is stress. Man, work for him NEVER lets up. He is really struggling right now, and there are a lot of other issues at work that keep the stress level high. Also, I think he is just tired and can't relax. Christmas was just crazy for us, and Andrew has been sick so much that it has been a tough month. We trust and pray for growth during this time.


Well, let's just say things are interesting right now. Most of you know that I work three days a week at RBP and two "half" days at home. However, with my new responsibilities, my workload is very overwhelming. I often have to put in quite a few extra hours. And since the boys are both active now, it is harder for me to work at home and get everything done that I need to get done. Nat and I are to the point that we realize that because of where we are as a family right now we really need to reconsider our current employment situations.

Along with that, we are looking toward this fall. Jack is 4 years old, and he really is ready for a pre-kindergarten class. We have looked into several in our area, but they don't work with my work schedule, and we REALLY want him in a Christian school. The public schools in our area are really, really bad; to Nat and I, they are an unthinkable solution for our family.

That leads me to the interesting part of my life. In the process of visiting Christian schools in the area, I was informed of openings at an AWESOME Christian school. I have been so impressed with everything I have seen and heard from this school and the Baptist church it is associated with. To make a long story short, I have been asked to consider one of the positions at the school.

The great news is that Jack (and eventually Andrew) would be able to attend the school tuition free! I would be on the same schedule with them, and that would be a huge help for us.

The down news is that Andrew would have to be at the sitters for five days a week next year (minus all the holidays that I as a teacher would have off). Our sitter is a godly woman, and she is just great; and the next year Andrew would be old enough for the 3 year old program at the school.

Decisions, decisions. A lot to think about and pray about for us.


Jack is growing up so fast, and we are really noticing that he is requiring a lot more patience. He is on his second set of glasses now to correct a vision problem, but we are also noticing a lot of really weird signs/signals of a lack of social development. He just doesn't get how to interact with other people. He tends to be very active, and if he is outside of our home or his sitter's home, he seems to forget how to act.

I am at a loss with all of this. We continue to spank him, but that is not an option out in public. And honestly, I think the issues go deeper. I just purchased Dr. Dobson's book on the strong willed child, and I also have on order a book that a godly woman recommended called, Don't Make Me Count to Three. I am hoping that we can glean some information from these books.

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Beth and Jason said...

Wow Erin. Thank you for the update on your lives. I'll definitely be praying for wisdom for you with these decisions. What position would you have at the school? secondary? Didn't you really enjoy teaching at Calvary? I think you'd be a great teacher. You have a love for people that you could express daily! Free tuition is really a HUGE thing to consider. School is expensive.

I never imagined when I was single how hard disciplining would be! When Jonas was 2 I would dred going in public sometimes. That year was filled with long disciplining sessions! I didn't think he could understand or remember, but at 2 1/2 I would consistently (KEY!) discipline Jonas as soon as we got home for wrong actions in public. He caught on pretty quickly! Jason and I think the form of discipline mentioned does not work- in fact it frustrates and confuses- UNLESS it is done very very consistently and very very hard. It is of course the right God ordained way of discipline and should be used, but ONLY the right way. I can't imagine trying to work at home with 2 kids running around! It must be very hard to be consistent with discipline. I'll be praying for you with these struggles as well. Speaking of kids running around, I have to go... my 2 are a little crazy right now. I love you Erin!

Future of Hope said...

Thanks, Beth.
I totally agree with the whole consistency issue; Jack knows what he will get as soon as he gets home, but at times it is frustrating. The other day in the store he disobeyed me. I looked at him and asked, what happens as soon as we get home? "A spanking," he responded. But after that comment he said, "But we aren't home now, Mom."

Yikes. It seems as if he tries to disobey as much as he can because he figures, I am already getting a spanking at home, so what does it matter?

And the thing is, he knows the routine. On the day he made that comment, as soon as we got home he got out of the car and went inside. After I had gotten Andrew out of the car and gotten inside, he was already in his room, waiting for his spanking; I didn't even have to remind him.

But there is improvement. This morning during the service he was GREAT! He didn't talk, and he did very, very well. Thank, You, Lord, for the little signs of improvement along the way.

Beth and Jason said...

Wow! Keep going Erin! I'm reminding me to do the same even though I'm so tired and it's easier to give a warning and another warning and another warning... I'm glad we're going through this at the same time. It helps in a small way, doesn't it? I'm praying for you. e-hugs!