Monday, July 31, 2006

It has been a while . . .

This is why I didn't make any lofty promises to "blog every day." I knew there would be times when I wouldn't blog for weeks (perhaps months) at a time. However, since no one else seems to be reading this blog, I guess it doesn't matter too much.

Oh well . . .

Today my three-year-old son was watching me race through the house like a mad woman, and he asked, "Mom, where are you going?"
I replied, "Crazy. Wanna come with?"

That about sums up my life right now! I often find myself wondering, will things ever get any easier? Will I ever be able to work completely from home? Will I ever be able to have all the laundry done AND folded AND not have a load of dirty laundry left to do? Will my house ever be so clean that I will not be in a state of panic two weeks before my mom comes to visit? (Which, by the way, is the main reason that I was racing through the house today!)

Then I needed to take an internal look at my life. When was the last time my prayers were real? When was the last time my conversation with God was not interupted? When was the last time that my focus during prayer was on prayer, not on my day's to do list? When was the last time that I had truly listened. . . just listened to God.

I find that my soul is longing for a quiet time with God. Quiet, uninteruppted time with my Savior. Not just a few moments here or there, but REALLY focused on time with Him.

My schedule will not get any lighter; my laundry will alwasy be there for me to fold or wash or put away; my children will always be awake well before their intended hour. So when will this quiet time come?

I find myself longing as David did, and I find myself realizing that David knew what he was doing when he spent time with God "in the morning."

God, help me to find the discipline to meet with you in the morning, as David did, ready and willing and still. . . .


JAMB CO. said...

God desires that we bring him glory. That is our supreme purpose. We find our full and ultimate joy and passion in loving him and finding joy in him and what he has done for us. That is a hard thing to do sometimes when we look at our path and not on the pursuit of our path, the future prize and glory of eternity! God is soooo wonderful and the passion of our hearts should be in adoring him this moment and every moment. There is full joy in intimate relation with him. This takes work and time but God knows that your heart longs for time with himself and he will give this to you if you pray in faith believing that it will happen. God could send that perfect babysitter along any minute. I will keep that request in mind as I will be looking for someone to give my wife a break in the next few months. Well, I pray this is an encouragement and that God gives you the desires of your heart.

Future of Hope said...

Thanks, Mark. I needed that reminder.